Hawaii Massage Clinic is located in the heart of Waikiki (Honolulu, Hawaii). We provide you with Lomilomi massage, a traditional Hawaiian massage.

Hawaii Massage Clinic Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage
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Why can I get these deep-discounted prices for my Lomilomi Hawaiian Style Massage?

Hawaii Massage Clinic, a clinic directly run by the Lomino Hawaii Massage School, is approved by the state of Hawaii. Lomino Hawaii Massage School is designed to obtain massage licenses that are issued by the state of Hawaii. Acceptance of students are strictly limited to those who have completed 150-hours of study and practice. These interns are eligible to take the exam required for massage licensing within the State of Hawaii. It is for these reasons that our massage services can kept at low prices. We are confident to provide the best services possible with the most reasonable prices so that your stay in Hawaii is a pleasurable one!

Unique features about Hawaii Massage Clinic:

Our Highest Quality Educated Interns

Our Highest Quality Educated Interns:

Lomino Hawaii Massage School include smaller class sizes that hold a maximum of 6 people. Each student receives special instruction of our massage techniques, both individually and thoroughly. Our hands-on classes are taught in a warm and friendly atmosphere so that students are free to ask questions regarding their lessons.

Unique features about Hawaii Massage Clinic
The Strong Passion of our instructors

The Strong Passion of our instructors:

Our instructors have strong passion in teaching our students to become the very best massage therapists possible! Every student has their own unique characteristics and styles of massage. Thus, our teachers are able to strengthen and utilize their personalities within their individual techniques.

Unique features about Hawaii Massage Clinic
We value heartfelt Hospitality

We value heartfelt Hospitality:

I have personally run this clinic to ensure good working attitudes! With that in mind, our school motto involves “Gratitude”, “Cooperation”, and “Doing Our Best”. Having gratitude in our hearts and minds while demonstrating cooperation with one another promises us to give the best service possible to our customers. We also believe that our warm and friendly environment helps to improve customer satisfaction, thus better meeting our customer’s needs.

Unique features about Hawaii Massage Clinic
Hours of Operation:
Week days 9:30am~5:00pm
Closed:Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays
※For week days, our last 60 minute sessions begin at 4:00 pm while our last 90 minute sessions begin at 3:30pm.

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