Hawaii Massage Clinic is located in the heart of Waikiki (Honolulu, Hawaii). We provide you with LomiLomi massage, a traditional Hawaiian massage.

Hawaii Massage Clinic Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage
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To make Reservation

Hawaii massage clinic

Completion of Reservations:

You can reserve through phone call

Do not forget your date of Reservation:

In order to receive the best benefits and maximum lengths of our massage service, please arrive at our clinic approximately 10 minutes before your reservation time. You can check for directions to our clinic at the Clinic Location site above.

Counseling and Massages:

This may include a brief counseling session to learn about your body’s condition and needs. This information allows us to know exactly how to serve you. Please do not hesitate in making your requests known regarding the strength and/or preferable pressure points for your massage. We strongly believe that your comments and requests will help to maximize our service to you!

3 Tips for Maximum Results

Hours of Operation:
Week days 9:30am~5:00pm
Closed:Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays
※For week days, our last 60 minute sessions begin at 4:00 pm while our last 90 minute sessions begin at 3:30pm.

HomeService contents Massage Courses and PricesLocationReservations

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