What is Lomi lomi massage?

Lomi lomi is a part of Hawaii’s Traditional Healing Culture

“Lomi lomi” is a traditional healing technique, passed on from ancient Hawaiians. The word means “rub” or “massage” in Hawaiian. Using natural oils along with Lomi lomi, this massage provides relaxation. Sometimes aroma essential oils are also used during lomi lomi massage.

  • ロミロミマッサージを受ける
  • ロミロミマッサージを習う

Basic knowledge 1Hand technique

There are some unique rhythmical hand techniques original to Lomi lomi: stroke, Weggly wiggly, Arna press, Arna e fraraju, double elbow, lomi lomi hula. Like the wave or wind, natural and rhythmic motion massages are known for its feature. These living, healing massage techniques were passed down from the ancient days of old Hawaii. In these modern times, lomi lomi is sometimes applied in combination with techniques of the Swedish massages, Efra Lage and PetraSage.

This technique uses palms and elbows to pressure your body.
Weggly wiggly
This technique uses palms and elbows to swing your body into relaxation.
Arna e fraraju:
This technique uses rejuvenating oils throughout the body by applying to the soft part of the forearms.
Lomilomi Fula
This technique loosens the muscles by sliding the back on the soft part of both arms, so as to draw a circle.
Arna Press
This technique uses the soft part of the forearms to pressure your body.
Double Elbow
This technique eases the stiff parts of your body by applying pressure along both forearms, firmly attached.

Basic knowledge 2Effects of Lomi lomi massaging:

Lomi lomi massage has the effect of improving the flow of blood and lymph, while normalizing the internal bodily functions. Lomi lomi is effective for recovering from fatigue, eliminating swelling, and reducing jet lag from your travel destinations. Because this is one of many relaxation massages, it is expected to reduce stress and provide healing effects. It also helps to strengthen your immune system which can eventually build up your body’s resistance to disease.

  • Normalizing Inner bodily functions
  • Reducing swelling
  • Recovery from fatigue
  • Recovery from jet lag
  • Stress relief
  • Healing
  • Immune strength
  • Wellness:

Basic knowledge 3Meaning and history of Lomi lomi

Lomi lomi originates from the Hawaiian language and means to “rub” or “give massage”. It was said that each family had its own unique style of lomi lomi techniques that were passed on from generation to generation. Thanks to the kindness of Aunty Margaret, information about lomi lomi massages were released to non-Hawaiians who readily learned and practiced these arts. Now, in this modern age, people from all over the world can easily receive lomi lomi massages at salons and spas everywhere!

Basic knowledge 4Spirit of Lomi lomi massage

Lomi lomi also means to express one’s love from the palm. By sending mana, or natural energy from the earth into your body, it can heal sickness. We believe that all lomi lomi therapist must feel “mana” along with a spirit of gratitude before providing massages to our clients. Only then will a therapist’s skills and techniques increase!

Basic knowledge 5Objective of Lomi lomi massage

One of the most unique features about lomi lomi massage is that it can give healing powers to both the receiver and giver as well. We cannot help but to give honor and respect to the ancient Hawaiians who left us with such an amazing gift! By providing these massages to our customers, we are continuing to perpetuate the Hawaiin culture while also receiving the benefits of lomi lomi massage!!! Can you find any other massages like this?

Basic knowledge 6Outcall Lomilomi massage services for tourists!

If you come to Hawaii for vacation, we have good news for you!!! You can have our outcall lomi lomi massage services in the luxury of your own hotel room, without coming to our massage salon. You can arrange to have a luxurious lomi lomi massage therapist come to your hotel! ※For more information about our outcall lomi momi massage services, please click her

  • 予約後の流れ
  • 破格な訳

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